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Copy Multiple Files via TFS build

bI have recently been doing a lot of work with TFS and want to write about a few things I had to figure out how to do. As part of my build process I had a number of dlls I needed to copy out to my staging environment. To do this I overrode the AfterCompile target. In order to override this Target you have to import the Microsoft.Common.targets file. <Import Project="$(MSBuildBinPath)\Microsoft.Common.targets" /> In MSBuild you can call Copy which will move a file from one location to another location. The key word here is that it will move "a file", it will not move "files." So you can call something like this: <Copy SourceFiles="$(DeployStagePath)\my.dll" DestinationFolder="$(DeployPath)" /> But you cannot use code like this to copy all dll files: <Copy SourceFiles="$(DeployStagePath)\*.dll" DestinationFolder="$(DeployPath)" /> To copy all dlls in a folder you need to crea