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Generic object TryParse

In my opinion whenever you need to parse a value you should always use the TryParse method to make your code more robust and able to handle errors better. The draw back to this is you and up writing a lot of if else statements. I got tired of doing this so was trying to find a more abstracted way to do this for all my values. I found this bit of code very handy. So far it has worked great! public T GetValue<T>( object obj) { if (obj != null ) { Type type = typeof (T);   T value = default (T); var methodInfo = (from m in type.GetMethods(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Static) where m.Name == "TryParse" select m).FirstOrDefault();   if (methodInfo == null ) return default (T);   object result = methodInfo.Invoke( null , new object [] { obj, value });