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Getting Started with .Net Core and Docker

I have been working to understand .Net Core and Docker as of late. It is cool technology but a bit of a paradigm shift. I have found a few good resources here and wanted to start recording them in case I needed to come back to them a long this journey. First step to all of this is to install the .Net Core SDK . Second step is to get Docker . Once these are installed you have all the command line you need for awhile as you start moving down this road. One of the first steps for me was getting my head around what .Net Core is and how it is different then the >net world I have been living in. Here is a great walk through that help me understand this. First Steps Exploring NET Core and ASPNET Core For me that finally connected the dots of what was happening now with the .net framework. The next step was to understand what Docker is going to do for me. I had played and read about it but I needed to get hands-on. To do that I actually ran into another great article. Deploy