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Multi-Threading with ThreadPool and a Thread Manager

The past few weeks have been spent trying to make some tasks in a winforms app multi-threaded. Threaded applications can get tricky really fast. I needed to create a thread manager that helped me queue and create new threads via the ThreadPool. Here is the solution I came up with. I by no means think is the best or only solution. It in fact has one constraint with it I will call out at the end. It is an approach to doing threading in .Net applications though. I needed a class that would do the following: - Calculate how many threads to spin up - Calculate how much work to give to each thread - Queue new threads with the ThreadPool - Determine if WaitHandles needed to be created for the new threads - Pass the WaitHandles to the new threads so they can signal when complete - Return a collection of created WaitHandles back so future process could wait on all threads if needed First I created a ThreadState object to hold the information I needed to pass to each thread. 1: pub