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Sitecore EXM 9.1 here we go.

It is time to start diving deeper into Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) and really getting to know it. I am working a project that is going to require some fairly advanced customizations with EXM and with the help of SitecoreHacker we will get through it. First on this list is to make sure we understand how the EXM pipelines are set up. Both Sitecore docs and SitecoreHacker have some good information on this. I am a visual learner so I created this diagram to help me see the pipelines. It is important to notice that the Newsletter pipeline is different between the CM and the Dedicated Dispatch Server (DDS). The config on the CM manages the process so, it has some additional processes in the pipeline in runs. The send email pipeline is where the real work is done of getting the email and sending it. The next thing to get into is what happens when SendEmail is called? If you are just using Sitecore EmailCloud or the standard OOTB CustomSMTP you may not care about these d