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Create Web Forms for Marketers Custom Save Action and Edit Screen

I was recently working on a project where I needed to create a custom save action to add to my Web Forms for Marketers module.  I needed a custom save action to push the data to salesforce and I also needed a custom edit screen so the author could setup some configuration values the action needed. Here are the details of what I did starting with the save action. Save Action The first thing you need to do is create a new class that inherits the “ISaveAction” interface (Sitecore.Form.Submit.ISaveAction) and implement the Execute method.   public class SalesforceSaveAction : ISaveAction { public string FormKey { get; set; } public string FieldsToSend { get; set; }   void ISaveAction.Execute(ID formid, AdaptedResultList fields, params object [] data) { // Code to execute here } } That is really all you need. Now it all becomes about custom code and configuration.  To configure the save action to show up you need to go to Modules –> WFM –> Sett

Custom Crawler for Parsing PDF files with Sitecore

I recently had to create a crawler in my Sitecore 6.5 project that looked at PDF files in the Media library and called an external API to get a list of PDF files to parse and index. You can do this with Sitecore but the examples for doing this are old and really don’t work any more. It was a bit painful to try and get it all working. It is actually not a hard process, it is just the lack of working examples that made it hard to put all the parts together. I will break this into two parts 1) Create a Customer Crawler 2) Setup PDF indexing. You need to do them both to make PDF indexing happen and both, at least for me had no working examples I could find. Create a Custom Crawler For the crawler I started with Sitecore’s documentation (section3.2). It got me started but did not work the way they have it set up, but it does get you introduced to what a crawler is and takes you most the way there. 1) Create the new class public class FileCrawler : BaseCrawler , ICrawler 2) Implement the