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Silverlight Webcasts

Here is a great list of Silverlight webcasts to help get people started. Really great work from Mike Taulty ! Silverlight - Hello World Silverlight - Anatomy of an Application Silverlight - The VS Environment Silverlight - Content Controls Silverlight - Built-In Controls Silverlight - Width, Height, Margins, Padding, Alignment Silverlight - Using a GridSplitter Silverlight - Grid Layout Silverlight - StackPanel Layout Silverlight - Canvas Layout Silverlight - Databinding UI to .NET Classes Silverlight - Simple Styles Silverlight - Custom Types in XAML Silverlight - Binding with Conversion Silverlight - List Based Data Binding Silverlight - Simple User Control Silverlight - Templating a Button Silverlight - Resources from XAP/DLL/Site Of Origin Silverlight - Animations & Storyboards Silverlight - Uploads with WebClient Silverlight - Downloads with WebClient Silverlight - Calling HTTPS Web Servi