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Sitecore Unicorn deployment with Octopus and Azure Dev ops

I have been working on getting a Sitecore solution using Unicorn (with auto-sync and publish API call) to deploy to my environments using Azure DevOps and Octopus. The power of all these together is pretty cool. It allows you to take a Sitecore solution from its state in a local developer instance and move everything that is needed, code and content, to a deployed environment. In the end, all your code is deployed along with all Sitecore assets and those assets are also published! It takes just a little bit of setup. This does not go into setting up Sitecore or Unicorn as those projects have that well documented. Once you have those all set up though and you are checking your code and your Unicorn YML files into Azure DevOps you are ready to go here. Azure DevOps Setup These are the build steps I setup. There are really just two steps that need a little customization work.  Copy Unicorn YML files.  This is just a basic copy activity that takes the *.yml files and move