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Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers (WFM) styling and lessons learned

I recently spent some time trying to use Web Forms for Marketers doing some custom styling and custom save action. I learned a few things along the way and wanted to share. I learned there are some times to use Web Forms for Marketers and some times not to use it. The goal of this article is to explain those consideration and help others learn some tips to understand why it may or may not be a fit. The module has some cool features and in some regards can be pretty slick. However, in other ways it can be a pain to use and provide no flexibility in some areas. This article is based on Web Forms for Marketers version 2.3. Styling The module sells itself as a control that can be styled anyway you want it. Well, that is kind of true. There are two ways you have control over the styling of Web Forms for Marketers, via the style sheets and via the Sitecore based module admin UI. Module’s Sitecore admin UI The Sitecore based admin UI comes with the module so lets start there. This UI does