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QuickBooks Web Connector with WCF services

I have been working a project to try and get some backend data plugged into QuickBooks so we can push that data into QuickBooks. We are using desktop QuickBooks hosted by another provided so our integration options are limited. We ended up using the QuickBooks Web Connector. First let me say that documentation on this front is limited and what you can find is normally old. Here is some of the reference we were able to find: Web connector overview QuickBooks error codes Helpful UI for how to construct QuickBooks API calls Web connector SDK QBWC Dev Guide You will need to create a QWC file and here is a QWC Example . One of the biggest issues we ran into was all the documents and examples we could find were based on the older ASMX services. Because of this we struggle for a bit on understanding how the service needed to be attributed. So here is what our WCF service contract ended need to be set as.   [GeneratedCode( "wsdl" , "" )]

Installing Tridion 2013 SP 1 on Hyper-V

I recently needed to install Tridion on Hyper-V. To do so I found a great series of blog posts on the Tridion website . The series starts with setting up a VM image instead of a Hyper-V. Really there is no difference (you install the OS on the image). One issue I did run into with Hyper-V though was my local network started to run a bit slower. I did some digging and found out it was because when the network bridge was setup for the Hyper-V image the priority order of the adapters put the Hyper-V image first. IT Writing has a great blog post on how to fix this . Once you have Hyper-V ready you can follow the post step for step to get everything installed. I needed once change in that I already had a Content Management database setup. I wanted to move my database from production down into this Hyper-V instance so I did not need to setup the database from scratch.Here is what I did and a few of the tweaks I needed to make. After installing I would try and open up the Tridion CM website

Entity Framework Code First – LoadFrom Error

  I have been playing with Visual Studio 2015 RC and Entity Framework Code First. In the processes of doing so I ran into this error. Exception calling "LoadFrom" with "1" argument(s): Invalid URL……. This started happening when I upgrade to version 6.1.3. At first I thought this was a file path issue as I also moved where my project was located. That was not it through. I found a couple similar issues doing some searching but the error message was a little different. Visual Studio 2015 RC Entity Framework 6.1.3 Migrations Error Code First Migrations StartUp Project Does Not Reference The Project Contains Migrations The first error I got was about file length, but I had seen that in Visual Studio before so I just moved where my solution was located. Once I moved the location I got this new error about invalid URL. The stackoverflow thread though did point me to a GitHub thread with good info on it. The thing that solved it for me was two things. 1- Downgrad

Windows Workflow, child workflows and parallel loops

I recently needed to create a pretty complex workflow to process a large volume of records as quickly as possible. We needed to process 500k records in an hour. We have a scheduled process that triggers the initial workflow that looks for scheduled work. When work is found a call is made out to another system to load the data we need per order (so this can be 1-X order records). Each order record can have 1 to X  number of customer records we need to process. Along the way we have a few user approvals we wait for. In trying to create a Workflow process for this we ran into a few challenges and learnings. Hopefully, this helps some others out there. At a high level here is what we put together.  The idea here is the Management Workflow is the workflow that is fired off by the schedule. It then can fire off the processing workflow. The green workflows can have multiple instances of them created by its parent. The Processing Workflow is responsible for finding all the customers that