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What capabilities is Sitecore EXM missing?

 I have been working with Sitecore EXM 9.3 for a while now. I have worked on a project with some pretty advanced requirements. EXM has some pretty great capabilities and those are easy to find as that is what all the marketing focuses on. But what are some core capabilities it is still missing? Here is my list. If you have more please leave a comment.  Limited Subject line personalization Ok, yes it does have the ability to personalize a subject line. You can put tokens into the subject line like first name and last name. You can even create your own custom tokens. But what if you want the subject line to change more than just by a token? This is something you cannot do, at least not out of the box. This can cause a challenge when you have a marketing automation campaign that sends a series of emails. The content gets personalized based on the series of emails they are getting. But it means the subject line for that email is pretty much the same. This is not ideal when talking about hi

Advanced Item Cloning

Cloning in Sitecore can be extremely useful. It makes reusing of content items and updating of those items very easy. The default capabilities for item cloning can usually handle most needs. The default behavior does have one thing that can really trip you up. By default clone, child items stay linked to the source cloned item and are not reparented to their new cloned parent. The first thing to understand is there are configuration options for cloning that allow you to change how cloning works. The configuration files have them pretty well documented but if you don't know what you are looking for you may not know they are there. <setting name="ItemCloning.Enabled" value="true"/> Specifies whether the Item Cloning feature is enabled Default value on CM and Standalone servers: true. Default value on CD, Processing and Reporting servers: false. <setting name="ItemCloning.NonInheritedFields" value=""/> Specifies a pipe-separated lis