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Using Feydra with Sitecore and a custom ViewEngine

When working with Sitecore and Front End Developers (FED) you can use a tool called Feydra from Hedgehog . Feydra is a great framework that makes life a bit easier for the FED team. If your solution uses a custom view engine processor you can't use Feydra though. As of this writting Feydra does not support working with a solution that is using a custom view engine (because a custom view engine is how Feydra does it's magic). With the power of Sitecore rule based configuration maybe there is a way. The benefits of using Feydra were pretty big so we began to wonder if there might still be a way to do this. As we looked into the Feydra code we realized it was using VirtualPathViewEngine as the view engine which inherited RazorViewEngine. Since we know the interface for this class we know it works just like any other view engine. So what if we had our view engine inherit from VirtualPathViewEngine? Could we add the same logic Feydra execute to decide if we needed to pass proces